God, The Gunman & Me

You read the news.
You heard the ending.
But is that the whole story?

In God, the Gunman and Me, Police Officer Jeanne Assam recounts the actual events that occurred on that ill-fated day in early December, 2007. Interwoven throughout her account are glimpses of two pasts that echo the same depression, bitterness, longing and brokenness. Two people with  similar stories met for the first time in church. At that holy intersection, they pointed their guns at each other. Similar stories. Different endings.

Talking candidly about a difficult past, Officer Assam demonstrates the faith to forgive, the search for hope amidst tragedy, and the transformational power of redemption. It’s no wonder that, through the words of this genuine servant, readers from all over can…

 Find courage.
 Find strength.
 Find faith.

It was around 1:00 on that cold but sunny day: December 9, 2007. Someone was firing a high-powered rifle through the doors of the church and into the masses of people.

“There he is, Jeanne!” another security team member yelled. “He’s coming in the doors right now!”


I wasn’t even supposed to be on duty that Sunday, nor was I even planning on going to church. I made many choices before that cold day, and not all of them were good; but it was the right choices I made in my life that led me to be in that hallway exchanging gunfire.

There is significance in even the smallest choices we make. Each one leads us further down a path. Whether it’s choosing to go to work one more day, choosing to stay in a difficult marriage, or deciding to give someone one more chance, our choices have significance and consequences that are larger than we sometimes realize.

That December day was the most amazing, defining day of my life. I was called a hero and lauded by many. From my perspective, I was simply carrying out the task given me—to protect and serve.

Order "God, The Gunman & Me"


Order "God, The Gunman & Me"


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