Jeanne Assam is a true life American hero. Her “courage under fire” saved hundreds of lives and her story has the capacity to affect far more. In her book, Jeanne gives us a riveting picture of the woman behind the headlines and the gunman that she confronted. Her actions provide an inspiration to us all. An extraordinary person in the right place at the right time single-handedly prevented a massacre. Many hope they have the courage to react to violence, few in fact do.  

- Danny O. Coulson, Commander, FBI Hostage Rescue Team


Security Guard: ‘God Guided Me and Protected Me’

- The Denver News


Hero Praises God for Steady Hand

- ABC News


Jeanne Assam, Hero for Our Time

- America’s North Shore Journal


Guard saved untold lives, Colorado authorities say

- LA Times


“It seemed like it was me, the Gunman, and God.”

- Time Magazine’s Verbatim


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